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The ColdFusion Weekly podcast is a "virtually live" call-in show focused on events and issues in the ColdFusion community. Each week Matt Woodward and Peter J. Farrell share their thoughts, MB6-892 Exam answer your questions, and interview ColdFusion developers and others involved with software engineering and web development.

Call in your questions to the CFQuery by using Skype or by using our plain old telephone number. You may also e-mail us your questions and comments. We look forward to hearing from you and having you on the show!

Challenge yourself by taking our CF_Quiz. One lucky listener, chosen from those who answered the question correctly, will win a prize from our sponsor,

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Version 2.06 – February 19, 2007

The "Peter's Less Wise" Edition

Introduction & Comments

CFReport – at 11:22

Konference Korner – at 39:17

  • First off, let's talk about the new contest for cf.Objective() (May 3-6, 2007 in Minneapolis, MN)
    • Two passes to give away. One on the March 12th podcast and one on the April 9th podcast
    • Works just like the CFUnited giveaways -- you need the entry code, so listen to the podcast for this week's code!
  • Now that frameworks is over, CFUnited is peeking its head.
    • Just remember that early bird (not the early early bird that we had in Jan) pricing ends on 3/31. Just something to think about if you are getting work to pay for it.
    • Listen to the podcast for this week's entry code!

CFQuery – at 45:09

  • John asks about setting up CF on a Mac (although he thinks that Peter was the one)
  • Simon from Cold Boston on Steve Nelson's comment on relying on other people's code since CF itself is somebody else's code (his comment was maybe you should use Assembler or something)
  • Phillip Senn in our first unsolicited roving reporter, um ... report--Adobe User Group meeting in Charlotte, NC
  • John Allen calls about meeting Matt and Frameworks saved my life...

CF_Quiz – at 52:40

  • Version 2.04 Winner - Phillip Senn! (Runner Up: Andrew Mercer)
    • How do you get the domain name from an email address in one cfset statement? And calling a UDF isn't the answer ;-)
    • ANSWER: <cfset domainName = listLast(emailAddress,"@") />
  • Version 2.05 - Deadline: Saturday, February 24, 2007, Noon EST
    • Give us two different ways you can limit the file size of a file being uploaded to ColdFusion.
  • Version 2.06 - Deadline: Saturday, March 3, 2007
    • In what version of (Allaire) ColdFusion was the request scope added? Extra points if you know who requested it and the reason why it was added?

CFExit Music – at 1:00:58

"Orange" by The Exchange

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